PJ's Story

Aspiring radio DJ
"PJ has wanted to be a paramedic since the age of eight; he has a friend who is a paramedic."
When PJ was just eight, he saved a man’s life.

PJ recalls “It was back in 1993, I was eight years old, it was a Thursday evening and we were doing some First Aid training in a sports hall. A man had climbed up on some gym apparatus to put a flag up. He fell from the equipment on to the hard wooden gym floor, banging his head. I immediately jumped to attention, asking another friend to stay with the injured man. I ran for help and phoned the staff, who then called for an ambulance.”

PJ saved that man's life that day; he used his initiative and acted very quickly. Since that day PJ has dreamed of being a paramedic.

PJ also dreams of being a security guard or a DJ, both jobs he has had previous experience with.
We are working with PJ to see how far his aspirations can be met, either as paid employment or on a voluntary basis.

PJ's future plans, with Index Care's help and support include, looking in to opportunities with local radio stations, podcasts, producing a YouTube video and possibly even approaching hospital radio, linking in PJ’s dreams of being a paramedic with being a DJ.

We know that PJ will brighten up everyone's day, playing the music he loves and being in an environment that he admires and aspires to.

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