KA's Story

Becoming an Independent Traveller
I started the very first day that Index Care Ltd opened its doors to our tenants; the first tenant I had the pleasure of supporting was a young lady, she was a very shy vulnerable young adult, who did not say more than two words initially; she would just look down with very sad eyes.
As time passed she gradually opened up and with the support of the staff, she began enjoying the activities and to trust the staff, I saw her blossoming into a confident, very able, young lady.

She started School within a few months of moving in to her home and went daily, appearing to enjoy it. At the end of the year, she finished school and decided she would like to go to college. She was supported to make her own choices and decisions about which college she would like to attend for her chosen path going forward in her career.
This same shy, demur young lady, built her confidence and independence, becoming an independent traveller.

I have great joy and passion for my work and am very humbled to help support and teach the tenants to achieve and fulfil their dreams as much as possible.

The smallest achievement is the greatest reward; to us the staff and for the tenants, to see their happiness and pride in themselves.
“We continue to support all tenants with their dreams and goals.”

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