KM's Story

Hot shot lady striker!
“I caught KM going out to the hairdressers to have her hair relaxed, shampooed and conditioned, she might even have it dried and straightened, if she feels like it.”
KM has been working in a local charity shop but she really aspires to working at a checkout in any supermarket, she wants to scan the items and really wants to give the customers their change; she says she ‘Doesn’t really want the money but it would be wonderful to spend on anything that catches her eye’.

KM really wants to go to Dubai in June with her family; she has never been to Dubai before. She likes going on an aeroplane and has been to Ireland on holiday and Nigeria as she has family there.

KM's eyes lit up as she told me about her love of playing football; as she has four older brothers, who love her to bits, she likes playing as a striker, she loves scoring and has scored lots of goals; she feels happy and free when she is playing football.

KM loves living at Index Care; she especially enjoys game nights and playing games or doing puzzles all together; her favourite way to spend an evening is to sing and have fun with the karaoke.

KM loves her room and adores her family visiting. Staff help her to cook her dinner, her specialities are pasta, sausages and chips and sometimes she might change her mind and have wedgies or cook in the microwave.

KM's plans are for the staff to look after her and get her ready for her future, to move forward to get her own house and have a boyfriend and get married; she dreams to learn enough skills to look after herself on her own.

KM knows that if she has any problems she goes straight to the manager “He listens.” She says, hurrying out the door.
“We continue to support all tenants with their dreams and goals.”

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