AB's Story

From Carwash to the Charity Shop
“AB loves living at Index Care, she loves all the staff.”
AB is happiest when she is dancing and singing and listening to ‘Magic’ radio station.

AB's favourite days are when the staff takes her to a carwash, she loves the car getting wet and watching the soap on the windscreen, the noise of the brushes and the rush as the foam is washed off.

AB's dream is to hand wash cars in the summer and have a water fight!!

She wants to go for more car rides with staff, to Erith to go shopping, or a bus ride to Woolwich to see the boats and to eat at her favourite fast food restaurants.

If she can she would love to go on a plane and travel anywhere.

At the moment AB is working at a charity shop locally, in Erith; sorting out the bags and tidying up.

Her favourite activity is when she goes swimming with her friends and looks forward to going every Friday.

AB wants a disco at her home, with disco lights and lots of music.

Another aspiration is to work with horses; riding them, caring for them and she even doesn’t mind mucking them out!
“We continue to support all tenants with their dreams and goals.”

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