Supported Living

Tailored to your assessed needs
The Index Care Supported Living model is specialised support, setup for individuals aged between 18 and 65 years, with Learning Disability to provide a safe, warm and supportive home, giving you the opportunity to live a more independent life, towards becoming an active member of the community.

We are committed to enable individuals to participate in all aspects of a 'supported living' framework with an intensive 24/7 support package.

Through this setting, your care is personalised and centred around your needs. You will have your own personal space within the home, added option to choose how you decorate.

Our philosophy of care is based around the following principles:
You will be supported to decide where you want to live and you choose to how to interact with your local community.
We always remember that it is your life, so you will be treated with respect.
Offering you real choices in your day to day living, taking note of your personal preferences.
We will get to know you and your lifestyle choices. We then can suggest a support package that is just right for you and your individual needs; promoting your individual independence and equality, both in and outside the home.
Your dignity is important to us; we respect your choices, both at home and in your community; we offer as much support as you need without taking away your independence.

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