Frequently Asked Questions

How do I or my family arrange a Care Package with Index Care?
You or your family can either telephone us for a friendly chat or complete the enquiry form on our homepage.
What happens next?
We will then arrange to visit you, at a location that is most convenient to you, to discuss with you ways in which we can tailor your independent person centred Index Care Support Package.
What will my Support Worker help me with?
Firstly we will need to agree a ‘Care Plan’ that includes in detail everything that you need and want as part of your package; we then can produce a bespoke list of all tasks that are to be performed with the Support Worker.

You may need assistance with: -
  • Getting up or going to bed.
  • Assistance with getting dressed or undressed.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Helping in preparing meals.
  • Exploring Social Media.
  • Support to go shopping.
  • Companionship for trips to see family and friends.
  • Helping to socialise at a social club, pub or night club.
  • Support with various activities e.g. getting out and about to a local library, Leisure Centre, Bowling, Swimming, a Gym, going to play or watch Football or other Sports, Sightseeing, Cinema, Theatre, Walking or other Outdoor and Indoor Activities.
  • Helping with washing and Ironing.
  • Helping to keep a tidy and clean home.
  • Assistance with medication.
  • Support with medical visits and hospital appointments.
  • Overnight additional care, when needed.
  • Accompanying and supporting you on a date and relationship building.
  • Accompanying you to job interviews or voluntary work.
  • Helping you to write your CV.
  • Helping you to manage your finances.
Will I be assigned the same Support Worker?
Each Support Worker is ideally matched to compliment your needs and abilities; however, we normally assign more than one Support Worker to you but you will have an individual Key worker; this allows for those periods of time where your Support Worker is on holiday or is not available on a particular day.
What about my personal security?
All staff at Index Care undergo a process of rigorous vetting and checking as part of our recruitment process; we continually monitor all of our staff using national registers to ensure that we are aware of any changes in circumstances. Every activity is fully risk assessed and your personal safety is paramount to us.
What about my safeguarding?
Index Care's services are fully regulated by The Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are compliant and indeed welcome the registration, inspection, including regular auditing process that form part of the CQC standards framework. At Index Care we wholly believe that our commitment to transparency and quality can only deliver the best possible experience for you, your family and all individuals that we support and care for.
What are the costs? And can I get any help with my fees?
Index Care put together a comprehensive break down of your individual Care Plan detailing the weekly costs. However, you may be entitled to assistance with the cost of your care from either your Local Authorities or through other central government grants. See below links for additional information.
How can I make changes to my care package?
We do fully understand that your care wants and needs, will change from time to time and that is why we carry out regular reviews with you and your family to ensure that we are continually adapting your Care Package to best suit you and your needs.
If you or your family have any questions that have not been answered here, then please call on 020 8312 1952 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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