About Us

‘Setting up Index Care has been Mary Phillips’ wish, her aspiration and her lifelong dream.’
Back when Index Care was just an idea, a concept, that Mary wanted to pursue, a couple of personal assistants who worked with her twin boys recognised her enthusiasm, passion and commitment. They acknowledged, that it had not been easy for her to achieve a smooth transition to adulthood for the boys and encouraged her to develop a scheme where adults with special needs and learning disabilities could live as independently as possible, getting the correct support and care.
Mary’s brother, Henry, shares her vision and both are very dedicated and devoted to delivering the very best care to people in their care.
This includes all of their staff:-
“Index Care staff are highly valued and appreciated. We would not and could not succeed without exceptionally good, caring, trained staff, which we are very lucky to have working with us.”
Index Care was built upon through a determination and passion for care. We at Index Care believe:-
“That without passion, dedication and commitment, one will not give one hundred per cent and actually see the results and outcomes of their involvement.”

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