You will have access to Care Packages, specialist in their nature, approach and delivery.

We will work hand-in-hand with you to deliver on your dreams and aspirations.

You will have access to Respite Care packages to give your Carer(s) a break from their caring responsibilities.

You will be supported with employment and/or further education opportunities.

Most important of all, you will be supported to live safely and independently.

Index Care know that finding a safe and suitable place to live independently in the community can be difficult, perhaps even daunting, especially if you have a learning disability or special needs.
That is why we have developed and provide a range of new innovative services which ensure quality of life for each individual we support.

Care services are structured to provide you with the right level of support, dignity and respect that you deserve as an individual adult, offering flexibility and perhaps better value for money than some alternatives. Whether you fund your own care? Or, you are in receipt of a Local Authority funding?

Index Care will provide that extra help and meaningful assistance to adults with Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health issues across South East London and Kent areas.
"Can a value be put on your individual personal care, independence or being supported to achieve your goals and aspirations?"

Coming December 2018

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We have developed, unique, innovative, Care Needs Assessment tools, to better understand the specific nature of your challenges and hence support your needs and wishes.

You will be supported to take control of your life, whether you choose to live in your own home, are in need of Respite Care, or long term support in one of our adapted quality, bright, cheery, Supported Living homes.
“Is it important for you to receive and benefit from affordable quality care and assistance in your home?”
Our range of services includes:
  • Outreach Care (at your home) that are specialist in their nature and approach.
  • Supported living in a setting where you can feel safe and encouraged to lead full and active lives.
  • Respite Care to give (unpaid) carers a break from their caring responsibilities.
  • Support in accessing employment opportunities.
  • Support to accessing education and further education.

“Be Happy. Be Safe. Be You.”

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